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Working Walls for Maths & Literacy

While spending time with schools, I'm delighted to see so many brilliant Working Walls in use. They are innovative and interactive - take a look at a few examples:

KS1 Maths Working Wall

KS1 Sandy Lane Pr

The teacher has pre-prepared speech bubbles and photographs of all of his class - so that any good work, questioning, comments allows him to bring the children's photographs on the speech bubbles into the wall so that they become part of the display - good for self-esteem. The wall is a combination of teacher and children's work.

Reception Communication and Language/Literacy

Worth Valley Primary, Reception

The first of 2 variations on a theme based on case study work in York. Reception practitioners add something new to the display every two/three days and the children are encouraged to say what it is. Sentences can then be written up by the practitioner or the children on the mini-whiteboards.

Reception Maths Working Wall

Oxenhope CE Primary, Reception

Based on existing practice from the EYFS document - the children place photographs on the bus - either upstairs or downstairs and this leads to opportunities to create number stories based on the bus's journey - e.g. how many children are upstairs now? how many are downstairs now? how many children are on the bus altogether? By adding a bus queue in front (e.g. use of the old plastic Logic people) the children can pretend to be waiting for the bus in the queue, get on the bus (taking away one person from the queue) and adding their photograph to the bus - leading to valuable use of language like one more/one less

Upper KS2 Maths Working Wall

Greengates Primary, Upper KS2

The W.A.G.O.L.L. (What A Good One Looks Like) needs to be absolutely clear as to why it has been chosen to demonstrate good practice. Inclusion of 'Steps to Success' written on 'shoe' cut-outs by the children & calculation approaches are displayed on the left of the wall to ensure a consistency of approach across school.

Year 1 Maths Working Wall

Oxenhope Primary - Year 1

A real-life, contextualised Maths teaching and learning sequence involving money, measures and problem-solving - i.e. making bird-feed to feed the birds in Winter. Vocabulary is on individual cards so that it can be easily accessed and discussed. The character,George,is there as an audience for the children - they are undertaking the work, but also helping George at the same time. The wall also 'ties in' with the theme of 'Growing things'.

Year 3 Maths

Oxenhope Primary - Year 3

Not a Working Wall, but a character from a recent film. The teacher has 'picked up' on popular culture and included it in her maths. This is Dave the Minion from 'Despicable Me' and he's found an object (i.e. a ruler) but he doesn't know what it is or how to use it. Can the children help him? (helps to develop Success Criteria for measuring).