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Boosting Reading

boostingreading@secondary and boostingreading@primary from Education Works

Boosting Reading Potential (BRP) has now been rebranded and significantly updated. There are now two versions of the programme: boostingreading@primary (BR@P) and boostingreading@secondary (BR@S).

Whilst these sister programmes are very closely linked in content and approach, they take into account the differing contexts of primary and secondary education; particularly using age appropriate materials and DVD lesson examples.

boostingreading@primary and boostingreading@secondary are targeted, time-limited, one-to-one interventions, designed to be delivered over a 10 week period. They are designed to improve the way children read, enabling them to be independent problem solvers who read with understanding and enjoyment.

Click here for a downloadable boostingreading@primary flyer.

Click here for a downloadable boostingreading@secondary flyer.

Boostingreading@primary and Boostingreading@secondary are proven, good practice interventions. Each year pupils consistently make accelerated gains over four times the expected rate of progress. In 2014, pupils in both programmes made Reading Age gains of over 14 months over the 10 week period of intervention.

Click to download the 2014 Boosting Reading Data Report, Case Study 1, Case Study 2

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