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A Must for Maths Subject Leaders...

On the 25th May, Ofsted released a research review report on mathematics.  It is part of a series of subject research reviews (e.g. Science was released at the end of April).  

There will be a second, related report for each subject with a release date some time in Autumn 2021 - a case of watch this space.

The full mathematics research review report is 33 pages long and includes over 200 research references.

This May document is a must-read for Senior Leaders and Mathematics Subject Leaders as it looks at the different aspects of the mathematics curriculum  i.e.

declarative, procedural and conditional knowledge; sequencing content; instruction and rehearsal plans; having a positive attitude to the subject; methods for working algebraically; younger children and understanding word problems; a curriculum that meets pupils' needs; balancing new learning with the rehearsal of learning; inclusivity; intelligent variation; 'scaffolds as aids, not crutches'; assessment and systems at school level.

After each section, the document includes bullet points with the heading 'based on the above, high-quality maths education may have the following features'.

Click here to read the full report.

The Autumn reports are expected to focus on:-

- what progress looks like and how that informs a school's approach to the curriculum

- how teaching supports the goals of the subject curriculum

- the effectiveness of assessment

- high expectations

- the quality of systems to support subject teaching and specific professional development

- the effectiveness of whole school policies (e.g. the calculation policy in maths)

- access to the curriculum for all

Keep an eye out for part two!

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