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Calculation Policy support

Does your current policy outline specifics for rapid recall and mental strategies?

The vast majority of school calculation policies will now be in line with the requirements of the current National Curriculum (NC). When it comes to written methods, this is fairly straightforward as the guidance in the NC is specific and there are supportive examples in the appendix.  However, guidance on mental strategies is almost non-existent.

Our Mathematics Consultant, Sam Adams, has been working with schools to develop their own calculation policies so that they incorporate  the following:-  

- rapid recall expectations from Year 1 to Year 6

- specific examples of mental strategies for all four operations  

- a section on written methods progression and a section on EYFS expectations  

- The big ‘push’ on ‘manipulatives’ is also included throughout.

For a one-off fee (£250 +VAT), Sam, can support your school in developing your calculation policy. 

(email:, tel: 07769 179029)

'The Mathematics Subject Leader and I have had a good look at the calculation policy this morning.   Thank you very much.  It will be a fantastic document for staff to plan from.’

         (A Bradford Head teacher, March 2017)

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