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Counting the Days

There are a number of exciting Mathematics days taking place in the near future. Have a look and see what you fancy!

World Maths Day

WhenWednesday 3 March 2021

What – a potential audience ofover two million students will compete in a series of mental mathematics problems and, hopefully, break a record for the largest online mathematics competition. The online games last 60 seconds and they are ranked from Level 1 to Level 10 to cater for a range of age groups and abilities. A ‘…simple, but innovative idea…’ to test accuracy and speed of response via ‘…multi-player online gaming.’

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International Day of Maths or ∏day (3.14)!

WhenSunday 14 March 2021

What – in the UK, this is 14.3.21.  Elsewhere in the world this is 3.14 (.21), hence the nickname pi (∏) day. This is a worldwide celebration of mathematics inviting participation of schools and the general public through a range of activities (including a poster competition) based on a theme. The theme for 2021 is ‘Maths for a better world’.

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The 2021 census

When – Sunday 21 March 2021

What – If the year ends in a ‘1’, it means that  it is census time.

The Office for National Statistics has created a ‘Let’s Count’ website offering schools in England and Wales a selection of resources to access for primary age children. The resources explain what the census is and how mathematics is key in the process.  Schools can register to receive a free pack of census materials!

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The NSPCC Mega Maths Fundraising Day – known as‘Number Day’

When – Friday 7 May 2021

What – a school fundraising event.  Register on the website and the NSPCC will provide ‘…everything you need on your Number Day resources site to make your event a success.’

The resources include updated games, activities and ideas for the 2021 version, plus additional guidance on how to promote the event and general guidance to support your school’s safeguarding.

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One other Mathematics day to mention is National Numeracy DayWednesday 19 May, 2021 – which is the second event of its kind. This is not aimed at a school audience per se, but aims ‘…to prove that being better with numbers isn’t a special talent…it’s something we can all learn.’  

The first National Numeracy Day in May 2020 engaged 103,373 people via YouTube. You can sign up to become a National Numeracy Day Champion, and the day has the backing of high profile names like Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert) as Numeracy Ambassadors.

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