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Crowdfund 'MATHS Impact'...Your chance to make a difference

Education Works  is proud to announce that we are currently working in collaboration with a West Yorkshire organisation called Impact Gamers.

Impact Gamers is a community-interest, not-for-profit company that exists to inspire young people who are either struggling with aspects of their education and/or are young people from deprived backgrounds.  It provides school workshops, after-school support, educational and mentoring sessions, plus live performances – all designed to engage young people.

EW is actively supporting the development of a software product called MATHS Impact which will be available for schools through a subscription-based arrangement. This will allow for a regular income and updates for Impact Gamers to continue their valuable work.  The proposed release date is early 2019, with planned subsequent phases of development.

To get a feel for what they do and an outline of MATHS Impact follow  this link to you tube.

Initially, Impact Gamers is looking for donations totalling £11, 500 to continue the development of MATHS Impact as a longer-term project.  As the organisation is not-for-profit, ultimately the money generated will go back into the community – allowing more opportunities to run free sessions.

You can donate through the ‘You Caring’ website – which is ‘dedicated to compassionate crowdfunding, providing free and easy online fundraising and support for humanitarian causes.’

Your money will make a difference. Any received donations will allow the continued development of the programme – through creative work and in-school trialling.  

The first phase is to develop a National Curriculum-linked resource based on fractions (decimals and percentages) for the primary phase.  This area has been chosen as it is one that has a high profile in the Mathematics curriculum and has traditionally been a difficult strand for children to access.

Working in collaboration with our Maths Consultant, Sam, Impact Gamers will develop an online collection of interactive teaching materials.  These will be based on real-life scenarios, using characters that will engage the children.  MATHS Impact will demonstrate WHY the mathematics skills and principles are important as well as HOW to apply those skills in contextualised problem-solving.  The idea is to create a classroom resource that incorporates real-life problem-solving that allows children to demonstrate their fluency and apply their reasoning.

The money generated from the MATHS Impact software will be used to develop the charitable work of Impact Gamers and expand the future success of the software.

If you are unable to provide financial support, then please support us and help to spread the word about Impact Gamers and the MATHS Impact resource.  Thank you.

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