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Maths Wizard

Education Works have created a character called 'The Maths Wizard' which is being well received in schools. Each session supports the four aspects of Using and Applying – Problem-solving, Reasoning, Communicating and Enquiry.

Here's what the Maths Wizard has to say:

The Maths Wizard casting his spell...


My name is the Mathematics Wizard but most people call me the Maths Wizard for short. My best friends call me ‘the’ for shorter, but let’s not go there.

I am known as the Maths Wizard because I am a wizard...oh yes...and I think Maths is the bees’ knees, the cats’ pyjamas and the bears’ chairs – I think that last one needs a bit of work...anyway – ‘crashing on’...

When you’ve seen as much of the world as I have – and, believe me, when you get to 187 years old you’ve seen many, many wonderous sights – you are constantly looking for a new challenge.

Well... I – The Maths Wizard – have a number of Maths challenges and problems that I can bring in to your school. Why not book the Mathematics Wizard for a Using and Applying (UAM) / problem-solving day and here’s what I can provide:

  • I will lead a whole-school launch/assembly at the start of the day – possibly as a start for a Maths Week / Enquiry Week
  • I will provide a short UAM/problem solving session for every class across school – sometimes in class or sometimes in a bigger space – e.g. the hall
  • Each session supports the four aspects of UAM – i.e. Problem-solving, Reasoning, Communicating and Enquiry
  • The sessions actively promote Speaking and Listening and group work/group collaboration (using some of the ideas created by Clare Reed – Education Works Speaking and Listening Consultant – from Talk Across the Curriculum)
  • I will stay in role / in character throughout the day...ahem...and thus it will be so!

My most recent ‘wizarding’ was at Oakworth Primary School – 'The maths wizard day was brilliant - everyone enjoyed it.' Kath Waddington - Head Teacher Contact me now and I will join you for a short spell...a short spell...a short spell?

The Maths Wizard

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