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Calculation Policies

Developing a calculation policy

The current National Curriculum for Mathematics sets out WHAT the children need to learn, but leaves the HOW schools will deliver to the individual school or groups of schools working in partnership.

The NC document does include an appendix that outlines a progression in written methods for the four operations and certain expectations in mental strategies across each year group – e.g. that children should know their times tables and related division facts by the end of Year 4.

EW Ltd has been working with schools to ensure that current calculation policies include the following:-

  • A section on expectations in calculations for the EYFS
  • A policy that incorporates models and images – including the ‘part-part-whole’ model / the use of ‘manipulatives’
  • Year-by-year guidance on the mental strategies that each year will focus on to meet the required age-related expectations (ARE)
  • A clear written methods progression that meets ARE and correlates with the NC for Mathematics appendix

The key to a successful Mathematics calculation policy is ensuring that staff have ownership of the document.  They have had some input into the process.

Some schools have requested staff input on the mental strategies listed in the calculation policy and this could be factored into the support package.

If you require support on developing your calculation policy, please contact
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