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Tailored consultancy support to develop mathematical problem-solving in real-life contexts.


Education Works' Mathematics Approaches are designed to develop ways to support the development of problem-solving, reasoning and fluency in maths to build on basic skills in real-life contexts. For example, the plan/teach/review sessions provide an opportunity to plan out a sequence of work, work alongside a teacher in the classroom and review together – looking at ‘next steps’ as a result of the input.

Each of EW Ltd's approaches have been carefully developed to tackle the specific challenges that teachers face to plan and deliver a practical, meaningful and successful mathematics curriculum in today's primary schools.

Mathematics Approaches Benefits

  • increase children's confidence in maths skills
  • increase staff confidence and specific subject knowledge
  • support teachers and TAs - by putting planning into practice
  • interactive approaches drawing on real-life contexts
  • can be applied from Year 1 to Year 7 throughout school year

Education Works offers the following Mathematics programmes:

Plan, Teach, Review - supporting progression across a series of Mathematics lessons

Fluency Plan - support and plans for fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics for all year groups

Maths in Context - maths in context plans and learning environments

Pupil Progress - support Subject Leaders to monitor their subject

The (school name) Way! - develop a whole-school approach of agreed practice for Mathematics

Talking Maths - based on the Talking Partners programme, specifically develops the use and understanding of mathematical language.

Talk4Maths - the importance of talk in developing children's problem-solving skills

KS2 Problem-solving Carousel - a problem-solving carousel day

The KS1 Maths Wizard - an innovative, interactive mathematics problem solving day

Quickstarting Guides - turning whole-school policy into practical bite-size guides that work for teachers

Assessment for Learning - what is it and how to use it

Pupil Voice Audits - what are our children saying about our school policies?

Learning Journeys - a whole school approach to planning creative activities in the classroom

Developing Calculation Policies - support to help develop your school calculation policy.

Year 6 SATs Support Package - support to help schools in the run-up to SATs.

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