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Tailored consultancy support to develop mathematical problem-solving in real-life contexts.

Maths in Context

Are the children clear as to WHY they are undertaking the mathematical work that they are doing and WHO it is for – i.e. is there a clear audience and purpose?

Are mathematical skills being used to demonstrate confidence in problem-solving in mathematics – as well as in other areas of the curriculum (noted in recent outstanding schools’ Ofsted reports)?

Our Mathematics Consultant, Sam Adams, can support your staff to develop the audience and purpose of your mathematics, plus developing problem-solving cross-strand and through cross-curricular links.

Sam has produced ‘fluency plans’ for Years 1 to 6 and has developed a three day / three morning support programme to plan and work alongside teachers in the classroom to actively support mathematics in context.

Through developing the classroom environment’s Working Wall for Mathematics, the display becomes a genuine ‘planning into practice’ teaching resource with a dedicated audience and a real life (whenever possible) context to work in. A baseline is set and an outcome is determined – a goal to reach at the end of the series of lessons.

Take a look at our updated Quickstart Guide for Mathematics Working Walls.

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