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Tailored consultancy support to develop mathematical problem-solving in real-life contexts.

Pupil Voice audits

What are our children saying about our practice?

Let our Mathematics Consultant, Sam Adams, support you in determining exactly what your children think about current school practice.

Through a short list of negotiated questions on (a) subject(s) of the school's choosing, our Consultant will talk to small groups of children – with a teacher, Mathematics Subject Leader or a member of the SLT listening in / prompting / providing follow-up questions.  The consultant will then script the children’s EXACT RESPONSES.

Areas for discussion could be:

  • perception of their own strengths / areas to develop – with direct reference to their books
  • attitude to Mathematics  and why they have that attitude
  • use of the classroom environment in supporting their learning
  • audits - matched to school policy - including our latest 'fluency' audit

The responses are then highlighted/colour-coded and shared with staff. This means that we can see - at a glance - what is working well across school and any aspects that may need developing.

There is an example of a pupil audit in the Resources Section.

To find out more about how our Mathematics Consultant, Sam Adams, can support Pupil Voice Audits in your school, please contact Sam via email at