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Quickstarting guidES

Developing school Quickstarts - whole school policy is whole-school practice.

In real-life a ‘Quickstart’ guide is usually provided for electrical items like I-Pods or telephones. The guides have just enough information to allow the user to get started with a more comprehensive manual available on-line. In educational terms, the ‘Quickstart’ does the same job – i.e. a whole-school policy on a particular element of school life is reduced to one side of A4 – containing the practicalities that teachers will need to know to get the policy to work. 

'Quickstarts’ can be developed from any school policy or approach, but tend to be most successful for elements like Marking and Feedback, Working Walls (Mathematics) and/or planning.  By compiling these guidelines for a main policy area, Senior Leadership Teams know that they have a resource that will support any member of staff in school, but also any Supply teachers and students working with the school over a number of weeks.

Quickstarts – Bite-size policy

  • Marking and Feedback
  • Working Walls (Mathematics)
  • Planning
  • Support Pupil Voice Audits
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