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Tailored consultancy support to develop mathematical problem-solving in real-life contexts.

Talking Maths

Talking Maths is based on the TalkingPartners@Primary programme and was developed by Liverpool Mathematics Team, supported by Liverpool Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service. It is a 10 week intervention programme which targets speaking and listening skills in the context of mathematical language.

Talking Maths is an intervention programme that

  • targets speaking and listening skills - skills that are crucial to developing children's thinking strategies when solving mathematical problems
  • supports children - including those for whom English is an additional language - to learn how to use mathematical vocabulary and terminology
  • supports children who may show some mathematical competence but who would benefit from developing their use and understanding of mathematical language in the context of mathematics
  • supports teachers and TAs on how to model good mathematical language and questioning
  • develops children's abilities to reason, generalise, predict and recognise patterns and relationships
  • can actively support the current in-class Maths focus or can be used as a 'stand-alone'
  • focuses on the needs of children from Year 1 to Year 7
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