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Tailored consultancy support to develop mathematical problem-solving in real-life contexts.

The KS1 Maths Wizard

The Mathematics Wizard - Maths Wizard for short - is a fun, interactive, effective problem-solving day for the whole school.

The Maths Wizard, aka Sam Adams, Education Works' Mathematics Consultant has put together a problem-solving day for mathematics. Here is what a day with the Maths Wizard can provide:

Maths Wizard Benefits

  • allows opportunities to solve problems in enjoyable large-scale group tasks
  • actively promotes speaking and listening strategies
  • actively promotes problem-solving, reasoning, communication and enquiry
  • covers a range of mathematical strands in Key Stage 1.

A Day with the Maths Wizard

A visit from the Education Works' Maths Wizard
  • I will lead a Key Stage 1 launch/assembly at the start of the day – possibly as a start for a Maths Week / Enquiry Week
  • I will provide a problem-solving session for each Key Stage 1 class.  This could be delivered in the classroom or in a larger space – e.g. the school hall
  • Each problem-solving session will involve reasoning, communication and enquiry skills
  • The sessions actively promote Speaking and Listening and group work/group collaboration (using some of the ideas created by Clare Reed – Education Works Speaking and Listening Consultant – from Talk Across the Curriculum)

Feedback from a recent ‘wizarding’ day was: "The maths wizard day was brilliant - everyone enjoyed it." a Keighley Head Teacher

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