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Data request...with your help we can make a difference

Each year at Education Works we collate local data for TP@P, BR@P and BR@S. Not only does this help us to understand what is happening locally, it gives us an ongoing picture of the impact of these highly successful programmes nationally. This means we are able to share key messages with you. With your help we can bring together the most up to date information and ensure the interventions remain current. If you have any anonymised data you could share with us we'd be very grateful.

We are happy to receive any data no matter how small and are interested in both qualitative and quantitative data. Quantitative data, from assessments, is used to put together annual reports. Qualitative data is used to create a living picture of  impact through case studies. Do you have good practice to share e.g. the impact of a programme in your setting? how you tackle on-going monitoring? the impact for an individual child? We can use this information to create new case studies.

Have you visited our case study pages for BR@P/ BR@S and TP@P. Click here to visit the BR@P?BR@S page and click here to find TP@P case studies.

If you have anything you would like to share, please contact either or

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