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Bespoke consultancy to address the speaking and listening difficulties faced by today's children.



talkingpartners@primary (formerly known as Talking Partners) is a programme designed to improve the way children communicate across the curriculum, enabling them to be independent and skillful speakers and listeners. It's a targeted, time-limited (10 weeks) intervention that can be used with the whole class, small groups or individuals.

By providing opportunities to practice and rehearse target language through a range of focused activities, pupils develop their independent skills to become good communicators. talkingpartners@primary is a structured oral language programme providing part of an integrated approach to raise levels of achievement by improving children’s speaking and listening skills. 

talkingpartners@primary also helps children to become more confident and competent users of English. It encourages them to listen more actively and talk for a range of purposes and draws particular attention to the links between oracy and literacy.

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Talkingpartners@primary is effective, proven good practice. During a 10 week programme pupils typically make over 18 months progress in their productive oral language. We have a growing body of evidence that highlights the efficacy of talkingpartners@primary. Click here to read our case studies>

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Download the full 2014 TP@P Data Report

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