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Bespoke consultancy to address the speaking and listening difficulties faced by today's children.

TALK Volunteers

Talk Volunteers

The revised, second edition of Talk Volunteers was written by the ESCAL team from Sheffield City Council, with the support of Clare Reed from Education Works.

Talk Volunteers is a short term intervention programme that:

  • Provides an opportunity to further develop and practice the speaking and listening skills of an identified child
  • Helps the child develop skills in being able to listen attentively and structure their talk
  • Develops the child's confidence in communicating
  • Provides the trained adult with skills and strategies to support children's effective use of speech, language and communication (SLC) and how to work bi-lingually

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For more information about our Speaking and Listening programmes, contact our lead Speaking and Listening consultant Clare Reed on +44 (0)7973 324335; or email