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Bespoke consultancy to address the speaking and listening difficulties faced by today's children.



“Students who aren’t good at listening, have a limited vocabulary and struggle to contribute to a discussion cannot learn well in the classroom. They are at a serious disadvantage in the labour market too…. And yet we still do too little in schools to promote language development.”  Jean Gross, CBE, 2013

talkingpartners@secondary has been developed as an intervention programme to address specific aspects of language and social communication skills. It has a positive impact upon learner behaviour, self-esteem and general emotional well-being. It builds on the proven good practice of talkingpartners@primary and is designed specifically for secondary school pupils.

talkingpartners@secondary is a structured, time limited (10 weeks), oral language programme, and can be used as part of an integrated approach to raise levels of achievement by improving pupil’s speaking and listening skills. By providing opportunities to practise and rehearse target language through a range of focused activities, pupils develop their independent skills to become good communicators. Pupils become more confident and competent users of English as they are encouraged to listen actively and talk for a range of purposes. The programme draws particular attention to the links between oracy and the demands of the secondary curriculum.

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