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Tailored consultancy to improve reading standards and create confident readers.

Reading Support

"Strong reading skills are key to learning in all areas of the curriculum. For many primary school children, reading is mechanical and lacking in meaning. Children often lack motivation to read and are unable to problem solve words independently." Gill Cartwright, Retired Reading Support Consultant, Education Works.

Education Works offers bespoke consultancy for Teaching Assistants, Support Assistants, Learning Mentors and volunteers so that they can work successfully with children to address reading difficulties and boost their reading age. Boosting Reading Potential (BRP), now updated as boosting reading@primary (BR@P) and boosting reading@secondary (BR@S) support the acquisition of good reading skills and are specifically designed to improve the way children read, enabling them to be independent problem-solvers who read with understanding and enjoyment.

Programme Benefits

For Teaching Assistants

  • In-depth knowledge of the reading process
  • Enjoyable training with activities to practise skills
  • Easy to implement resource

For children

  • Reading with more enjoyment and understanding
  • Increased motivation and confidence
  • Develop skills to be independent problem-solvers

Education Works offer BR@P and BR@S successful reading interventions designed to help improve the way children read. Read more>

For more information about Boosting Reading Support, contact Education Works by email: info@educationworks.org.uk