Education Works consultant Sue Attwood

Whole school sentence and grammar teaching programme.


With over twenty-five years’ experience teaching in West Yorkshire schools, many of them as Literacy Co-ordinator and teaching in Year 6, Sue Attwood has a proven record of accelerating progress in writing. More recently, this expertise has gained wider recognition through her work as a Literacy Consultant with the Local Authority, as well as in an independent capacity. She also continues to teach part-time in a Year 6 classroom.

Sue firmly believes that alongside speaking and listening, the effective teaching and assessment of the key elements of Sentence Structure are vital to overall progress. Central directives often target what to teach rather than how to teach it. In addition, when teaching focuses on genre and text structure, the way in which children formulate their sentences is often overlooked. Sentence construction and quality, as well as accurate grammar, lie at the heart of effective writing.

“It’s not just what they write, it’s the way that they write it!”

To this end, Sue has created a comprehensive, whole-school Sentence and Grammar Teaching Programme that enables schools and individual primary practitioners to teach the skills of grammar and sentence construction in a highly structured and systematic way.

Sue also offers a ‘Sentence Analysis Strategy’, in which she audits children’s sentence structure across a school and analyses progress in the specific area of sentence construction. This enables her to provide the school with detailed data on children’s progress in elements of sentence structure and grammar within each class, which helps the school to accurately track teaching and learning. Based on her findings, she also then inputs a bespoke Sentence and Grammar Teaching Programme. These highly- acclaimed Programmes are now in use in a number of West Yorkshire primary schools.

In addition, in order to support accurate ‘adult’ modelling of spoken and written grammar in the classroom and around school, Sue provides a Grammar Training package for Support Assistants.

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To talk to Sue about the Sentence and Grammar Teaching Programme, the Sentence Analysis Strategy or the Grammar Training package, call on 07795 204050 or email