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Bespoke consultancy to address the speaking and listening difficulties faced by today's children.

Speaking and Listening

Clare Reed, Speaking and Listening Consultant with Education Works, has always believed that if children are not happy and engaged in their learning, then their chances for progressing through life are restricted. The challenge is how to help them feel happy and engaged!

Clare explains "If we consider what makes us personally happy as adults, both at work and in our private lives, then I'm sure we can all recall a family occasion, a meal for two, the sound of children laughing, negotiating a deal, helping someone achieve that 'Ah ha!' moment, enjoying the sound of silence! The common link is being able to successfully speak and listen to each other. And surely, if that's what makes us happy in our individual lives, then don't we want this for our children too?"

Education Works offers bespoke consultancy programmes to support the acquisition of good speaking and listening skills through a series of tailored programmes specifically designed to improve the way children communicate.

Programme Benefits

  • Encourage talk
  • Improve listening skills
  • Extend vocabulary and improve sentence structures
  • Effective and independent speakers
  • Extend vocabulary and improve sentence structures
  • Increase confidence to ask questions
  • Encourage participation in discussion
  • Increase child's composure when talking to different audiences

Education Works offers the following Speaking and Listening programmes:

talkingpartners@secondary has been developed as an intervention programme to addresss specific aspects of language and social communication skills.

talkingpartners@primary is a structured oral language programme to enable children to listen more actively and talk more confidently.

Talk Across the Curriculum develops children's oracy and understanding in all curricular areas.

nurturingtalk@primary is designed to improve the way children with SEBD communicate.

Talking Families is a programme to develop speaking and listening skills with targeted groups of parents and children.

Elklan Speech and Language Support - both the Under 5’s and the 5-11’s courses provide information and strategies to develop the communication skills of all children but especially those with speech, language and communication needs.

Talk Volunteers - a short term intervention programme to give pupils an opportunity to develop and practise speaking and listening skills.

Talkit Resource Pack - buy online

Talkit is a complete resource for teachers and other adults working with children around speaking, listening and group interaction in primary schools and other educational settings.

Talkit provides a practical route for selecting and planning interactive activities, supported by high quality pictures, diagrams, maps and grids.

Each activity is clearly described, including how to differentiate, how it could be used across the curriculum, which skills children will use and develop through working with the activity and links to similar activities.

Order a copy of Talkit from the EW online shop (opens in a new window).

For more information about our Speaking and Listening programmes, contact our lead Speaking and Listening consultant Clare Reed on +44 (0)7973 324335; or email