Education Works consultant Clare Reed

"constructive and positive"

Sam Adams, our lead school improvement consultant. More>

Education Works consultant Clare Reed

"constructive and positive"

Sam Adams, our lead mathematics consultant. More>

Tailored consultancy support to develop mathematical problem-solving in real-life contexts.

pupil progress

With the arrival of ‘assessment without levels’, ten schools could potentially be working with ten different assessment / tracking programmes.  EW Ltd is fully aware of this, and has worked / is working with schools to ensure that whatever is being used is a fair reflection of each child’s mathematical ability. 

EW Ltd can offer schools support in the classroom, book sampling (including pupil voice), 1:1 review and future planning sessions with teaching staff and data scrutiny with the Mathematics Subject Leader / SLT.

In the area of ‘book sampling’, results could be recorded as a ‘rolling record’ – identifying strengths and any areas for development, which will be ‘picked up’ in the next monitoring session.

Book sampling with the children is a good way to get their views on their own progress, but also outlines whether the Marking and Feedback comments that are written in their books genuinely move the children on. Is marking manageable, meaningful and making a difference? It identifies their own views on their strengths and areas for development, and – in the light of the current mathematics curriculum – allows an opportunity to assess their fluency with mathematics.

Benefits of our pupil progress support

  • supports Subject Leaders in monitoring their subject
  • demonstrates progression in the shorter-term and across a half-term / term / academic year
  • actively involves children in the monitoring process
  • ‍identifies what a school is doing well and how specific next steps will support further development

To find out more about how our Mathematics consultant Sam Adams can support pupil progress in your school, please contact Sam via email at